The Backyard framework comes with an helper Redirects class to handle redirects and flash admin notices.

Add the service provider

From your plugin's entry file, use the addServiceProvider() method of the Plugin class to register the redirect service provider.

$myPlugin->addServiceProvider( Backyard\Redirects\RedirectServiceProvider::class );

Once the provider has been registered, the Plugin container has access to a new redirect() method which returns a pre-configured instance of the Redirect class.

Redirect to an url

$myPlugin->redirect()->toUrl( admin_url() )->now();

When creating a redirect, use the toUrl() method to set the url to redirect to.

When executing the redirect, use the now() method.

Redirect with an admin notice

To flash a notice in the admin panel, you need to chain the redirect with the withNotice method. The function takes 2 arguments. The $message of the notice and $type of notice. Types can be success, warning, danger, info.

// Success message
    ->toUrl( admin_url() )
    ->withNotice( 'Success message here' )

// Warning message
    ->toUrl( admin_url() )
    ->withNotice( 'Warning message here', 'warning' )

Redirect to the previous page

To redirect to the previous page, you may use the back method.